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Welcome to Carag's new website - it's a pleasure to have you. We asked our customers about their experience with us, added lots of new content, and graced everything with a beautiful, contemporary design. Have fun exploring!
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We recognize good ideas and develop them into ready-to-market products with creativity, state-of-the-art technology and Swiss precision.

Our lean organization guarantees you as physician or inventor fast and direct access to the engineer. You do not run any financial risks because Carag provides technical and personnel resources, and finances the development.


Medtech industry

We assist you in your development projects and support you through the certification process for your new, innovative products.

As an ideal partner, we complement you where needed: Our field-proven specialists offer both advice and practical assistance. They can advance your projects and guide you through the regulatory landscape until market clearance.


Medical technology

Clinical studies & In-vivo studies

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It's been a privilege and pleasure working with Carag. Their attention to details, the eagerness to listen to viewpoints from the medical profession and to identify and analyze any problems, reflects a true commitment to patient safety.

Dr. Stefan Hallhagen, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Gotenburg

We were very pleased to welcome Jérôme Bernhard as a speaker for an academic symposium on "Clinical Studies with Medical Devices". He shared his broad expertise on medical device development and gave an excellent overview going through the different steps from the idea to the product – showing the way through the multitude of standards and regulations to market approval and beyond.

Dr. Fabian Tay, Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine, Zurich

Working with Carag medtech engineers provided the unique opportunity to combine concept development with solution finding. during all stages leading to a new medical device, from the initial idea, to the actual production, the fine-tuning, the organization and access to an animal laboratory, testing the product for safety, and getting all required experts to get involved in the process, Carag uses its own know-how and imports whatever else is required through its network to achieve its goals.

Prof. Dr. Ali Dodge-Khatami, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

    Mission statement

    Carag is the global partner for physicians and the medtech industry aiming to develop high quality products.

    Carag invests in innovative ideas, developing them into high-tech products for cutting-edge medical applications.

    Carag is guided in its thinking and actions by the following principles:

    • Openness when dealing with people and ideas
    • Love of medical and technological challenges
    • Hard work and endurance over the long haul

    20 yrs

    Over 20 years of experience in medical device development
    Carag's quality management system complies with the strict requirements of medical device standard EN ISO 13485 and is certified accordingly Certificate >


    • 2017 Zuger Innovation Prize (debritom+)
    • Best abstract at TCT 2016
    • Finalist SwissInnovation Challenge 2015
    • 2014 Zuger Innovation Prize (CBSO)


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    Cyrill Röthlin

    Dipl. Ing. FH, MBA Development engineer +41 41 766 02 09


    Dr. Lukas Christen

    PhD Development engineer +41 41 766 03 88


    Nico Geiser

    MSc ETH Development engineer +41 41 766 03 89


    Dr. Helene Isler

    Dr. sc. nat. Development engineer


    Jane Schranz

    Production +41 41 766 03 91


    Lucian Schneebeli

    BSc in Elektrotechnik FH Development engineer +41 41 733 03 04


    Martin Bütler

    Dipl. Techniker HF Kunststofftechnik Development engineer +41 41 766 03 83


    Daniel Schenk

    Dipl. Ing. Elektrotechnik TH Teamleader & Development engineer +41 41 766 03 01


    Roman Good

    BSc in Mech. Engineering FH Development engineer & Head of quality management +41 41 766 02 01


    Dolores Andermatt

    Accountant +41 41 766 03 05


    Daniel Napoletano

    Dipl. El.-Ing. FH, MAS Medizintechik Development engineer +41 41 766 03 80


    Deborah Frick

    Technical assistant +41 41 766 03 03


    Jérôme Bernhard

    Dipl. Ing. ETH CEO +41 41 766 02 02


    Jennifer Braten

    Clinical specialist +41 76 298 04 61


    Michael Larsson

    Chairman of the board


    Bettina Schuler

    BSc in Life Science Technologies FH Development engineer +41 41 766 03 09


    Beat Widmer

    Dipl. Ing. HF Development Engineer +41 41 766 03 00


    Kuno Limacher

    Dipl. Ing. ETH Teamleader & Development engineer +41 41 766 03 85


    Marcel Fenner

    Mechanic +41 41 766 03 07


    Franziska Gundi

    Head of human resources +41 766 02 05


    Carmen Schelbert

    Production +41 41 766 02 02


    Moritz Bossert

    El.-Ingenieur Development engineer +41 41 766 03 06


    Maurizio Caloro

    System administrator +41 766 03 82


    Claudio Steiner

    Dipl. Medizintechniker HF Development engineer +41 41 766 03 81


    Simona Wiedmer

    BSc in Mech. Engineering FH Development Engineer +41 41 766 03 08


    Marcel Leuthold

    NDS Wirtschaftstechniker FH Production engineer +41 41 766 03 95