Dental water jet

The PeriPLas system is intended to be used for surgical peri-implantitis therapy and consists of a micro water jet unit for mechanical cleaning and a plasma jet for hydrophilization and germ reduction.

PeriPLas in use

For the use in the dental area, Carag developed in cooperation with Dentsply Sirona and Medaxis the specific PeriPLas handpiece, to be used with debritom+.

The PerPLas handpiece is a single use device and features:

  • Right and left sided version
  • 180 cm connection tube
  • Sterile (EO)
PeriPLas handpiece PeriPLas handpiece

The PeriPLas system is an investigational system by Sirona Dental Systems GmbH and currently under clinical investigation in Europe. It features:

  • Dental water jet designed to remove bacterial biofilm from dental implants using a high pressurized water jet
  • periINPlas plasma source for hydrophilizing dental surfaces and for germ reduction on treated surfaces
PeriPLas system PeriPLas system

Working with Carag is what everyone wants: tasks are reliably completed on time and within budget. As a cherry on the cake, Carag's employees also contribute their own ideas.

Dr. Christian Eberhard, Scientist, Dentsply Sirona

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