debritom+ cleans acute and chronic wounds precisely and in a tissue-preserving manner. A high-pressure micro water jet removes wound surfaces such as fibrin, necrosis or biofilm, removes foreign bodies from acute wounds and is ideally suited for efficient irrigation of contaminated wounds.

debritom+ frontal
debritom+ lateral

In close cooperation with the customer, Carag developed the entire debritom+ system from requirements to concepts, prototypes and final system, and also accounted for the industrialization and certifications.

  • Development resulting in 7 patent families for the customer
  • Life- and run-time management with RFID-tags
  • Accessories identification
  • CE certification (MDD and MDR)
  • UL marking
debritom+ open frontal
debritom+ open top

The micro water jet technology is a tissue-preserving and efficient alternative to conventional surgical procedures such as those performed with a scalpel or a surgical shaver.

debritom+ is used for both in-patient and out-patient treatment. The treatment can be carried out without general anesthesia, no or local anesthesia is sufficient. Prescribed by a physician, a wound care specialist can perform the debridement, with this sophisticated and minimally invasive technique, without any assistance. Instead of just performing a dressing change, the wound can be debrided at the same time. The intensity level at the device, the distance and angle between the wound and the jet, as well as the speed of the wiping motions determine how much of the wound surface is debrided.

  • Smart Poka-yoke interfaces
  • Designed to prevent incorrect operation by the user
debritom+ Poka-yoke
debritom+ Poka-yoke pump
  • Multiple handpieces with different fluid jet characteristics
  • Pharma-grade filter
  • Smart high pressure connections
  • Jet identification through RFID-tag
debritom+ handpiece in use

debritom+ and its accessories are manufactured by Medaxis AG.

As a startup company you have to have a strong network of partner firms. With Carag we found and have a competent, experienced and reliable engineering partner, where we could develop together a unique microwaterjet device.

Beat Moser, CEO, Medaxis AG

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