Micro jet nozzles platform

Carag developed a platform of low cost micro water jet nozzles for various applications, and sets new standards regarding precision and costs.

Jet nozzle with detail

In cooperation with our academic partners, Carag developed not only a platform for low cost jet nozzles, but also an all-in-one test setup and protocol for jet impact pressure, jet homogeneity and abrasion.

The jet nozzles are designed for mass production and feature:

  • Various jet geometries
  • High precision
  • High quality
  • Single use
  • Sterile

Industrialization was achieved in close collaboration with our customer Medaxis, who uses the nozzles in the handpiece of their debritom+ wound debridement system. Contact us for your own application.

The development resulted in multiple patent families for our customer.

The collaboration with Carag feels like working with your own R&D department - being close to the team and projects are important factors to success.

Adrian Zweifel, VP Marketing & Sales, Medaxis AG

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