Carag developed a versatile accessory for micro water jet debridement system debritom+ that provides more treatment options to wound care specialists.

DebriClip DebriClip

The DebriClip component is an optional accessory to the debritom+ system. The versatile device is clicked on a debritom+ handpiece and touches the wound through its foam cover. This foam cover is designed to reduce the release of aerosols and to support collection of the cleaning fluid during the wound cleaning procedure. DebriClip is supplied sterile.

  • Foam for additional mechanical wound cleaning
  • Reduction of the released aerosols
  • Collection of the cleaning fluid with suction connection
  • Sterile (EO)

Carag developed DebriClip in close cooperation with its customer from early concept phase to verification and validation and resulted in an industrialized, high volume medical device.

The development generated an additional patent family for our customer.

DebriClip Evolution DebriClip Evolution

debritom+ and its accessories including DebriClip are manufactured by Medaxis AG.

The collaboration with Carag feels like working with your own R&D department - being close to the team and projects are important factors to success.

Adrian Zweifel, VP Marketing & Sales, Baar

As a startup company you have to have a strong network of partner firms. With Carag we found and have a competent, experienced and reliable engineering partner, where we could develop together a unique microwaterjet device.

Beat Moser, CEO, Baar

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