The AeroGuard Nebbia and Jellyfish are designed to optimally contain aerosol spread during a wound debridement with the micro water jet debridement system debritom+.

Nebbia with handpieceNebbia with handpiece

The AeroGuard Nebbia and Jellyfish are optional accessories to the debritom+ system. They are designed to reduce the propagation of aerosols during the wound cleaning procedure to ensure a safe treatment for both user and patient.

  • Fits the anatomy
  • Containment of the released aerosols
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Optimal visibility of the wound

AeroGuard Nebbia

The AeroGuard Nebbia is a limb bag with an opening through which the limb can be passed. Using the blue welded-on closure strap, the opening is knotted around the limb and thus closed. The handpiece is inserted into the access plate, which is attached to the outside of the bag. Its closed design allows for a clean and dry environment during all stages of the treatment.

Nebbia preparation
Nebbia during treatment
Nebbia after treatment

AeroGuard Jellyfish

The AeroGuard Jellyfish is a protective film to be placed around the treated body part and covering the wound treatment area. It includes a viewing window through witch the debritom+ handpiece is inserted. Its open design allows for flexible application on all desired areas of the body.

Jellyfish with handpiece Jellyfish with handpiece

Carag developed AeroGuard Nebbia and Jellyfish in close cooperation with its customer from early concept phase to verification, validation and certification, and resulted in industrialized, high volume low cost medical devices.

debritom+ and its accessories including AeroGuard Nebbia and Jellyfish are manufactured by Medaxis AG.

As a startup company you have to have a strong network of partner firms. With Carag we found and have a competent, experienced and reliable engineering partner, where we could develop together a unique microwaterjet device.

Beat Moser, CEO, Medaxis AG

The collaboration with Carag feels like working with your own R&D department - being close to the team and projects are important factors to success.

Adrian Zweifel, VP Marketing & Sales, Medaxis AG

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