Testimonials >> That's what our partners say about us.

"Ich habe das Team von Carag kennengelernt als eine kreative Gruppe von Technikern, Denkern und Ingenieuren, die neue Probleme mit Offenheit, Geduld und großer Beharrlichkeit angehen. Mit diesem Team arbeite ich gern zusammen!"

PD Dr. Matthias Sigler, Pediatric Cardiologist, Gottingen

"Working with Carag medtech engineers provided the unique opportunity to combine concept development with solution finding. during all stages leading to a new medical device, from the initial idea, to the actual production, the fine-tuning, the organization and access to an animal laboratory, testing the product for safety, and getting all required experts to get involved in the process, Carag uses its own know-how and imports whatever else is required through its network to achieve its goals."

Prof. Dr. Ali Dodge-Khatami, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Hamburg

"It's been a privilege and pleasure working with Carag. Their attention to details, the eagerness to listen to viewpoints from the medical profession and to identify and analyze any problems, reflects a true commitment to patient safety."

Dr. Stefan Hallhagen, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Gotenburg

"I know Carag since several years as a reliable and future-oriented industry partner with highly skilled and enthusiastic staff members, who do not hesitate to approach and follow a couple of challenging projects in the medical "fringe area" of congenital heart defects."

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kretschmar, Pediatric Cardiologist, Zurich

"Carag is a Swiss medical engineering company showing great technical skill and persistence in pursuing a project to its finalization."

Dr. Björn Söderberg, Pediatric Cardiologist, Gotenburg

"Carag hat von Anfang an an meine Ideen geglaubt und alles Nötige für ihre Umsetzung getan."

Prof. Dr. Rainer Zotz, Cardiologist, Bitburg