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Miniature spectrometer.

Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) are the most powerful spectrometers on the market. The advantages of FTS compared to conventional grating spectrometers are the bandwidth and the higher spectral resolution. However, the complex mechanism for the control of the sampling mirror makes this type of spectrometer more expensive and relatively large.

The use of state-of-the art technologies from the MEMS chip manufacturing sector (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) makes a miniaturization of the well-known FTS architecture possible, which has been inconceivable until now. Using the processes known from semiconductor manufacture, production is now possible at a cost that is considerably lower than that of conventional devices. The spectrometer modules developed by Carag are designed for a size of 15 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and a bandwidth of 400 - 2600 nm.

The potential applications of this high-precision spectrometer are numerous, and extend from process control, environmental monitoring and gas detection to applications in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries.