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Portable Drainage System.

When the project began, the majority of drainage systems in hospitals were cumbersome bottle systems or relatively large and stationary drainage canister units.The aim of the project was to develop a small, lightweight complete system that consists of a vacuum unit, disposable container and tubes. The set-up and operation of the system should be easy to use. An additional requirement was to continuously record the course of therapy to provide an objective basis for decision-making to allow the timely removal of the drainage tube.

Carag designed an initial version of a novel, portable drainage system (e.g. wound or thoracic drainage) and later developed and produced fully functional prototypes and supervised a first design study.

Key requirements of the system were:
_lightweight, convenient size to allow early mobilization of the patient
_electronic controls
_monitoring and recording of the parenchymal leakage
_autonomous detection and removal of blockages (WO 2005/061025)

The proposed concept was adopted by Medela AG and has undergone further development since.
Medela AG, Switzerland, is a global producer of technologically advanced breastpumps and medical vacuum technology.