Project example >> Apgar Timer for reliable determination of the Apgar score.

The Agpar score is a method to determine the condition of a newborn baby immediately after delivery. It consists of five characteristics:
_Appearance (color)
_Pulse (heart rate)
_Grimace (response to stimulation)
_Activity (muscle tone)
_Respiration (breathing)

Each of those characteristics is evaluated with 0 points, 1 point or 2 points, and the results are reported on the examination form; the maximum score is 10 points.
The Apgar timer is a reliable, robust aid and supports the determination of the Apgar score using acoustic signals.

Carag did a complete redesign of the electronics and the firmware of the device and brought it to serial production.

The customer, Medela AG, Switzerland, is a global producer of technologically advanced breastpumps and medical vacuum technology.