Carag Milestones >> Step by step into the future.

From a trading company to a high-tech medical research company - for physicians, developers and investors.

In May 1999, Michael Larsson took over the former trading company Carag AG and turned it into an engineering office. He focused the company on complicated development work within the medical technology sector. The idea of a pediatric cardiologist was developed further within the small team.

In January 2006, Carag CEO Michael Larsson and his 13 employees received ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2003 certification for the quality management system for the medical products development.

In May 2007, Michael Larsson handed over the company management of Carag, which had grown to 19 employees in the meantime, to Jérôme Bernhard. Michael Larsson remained on the board of directors.

In conjunction with leading cardiologists, the work on developing a new implant which is degradable in structure but has the same benefits has intensified.

Further developments have outlined new approaches.
The passion for people and technology resulted in further, often ground-breaking developments.
In the field of optical spectroscopy, the miniature spectrometer represents a successful breakthrough in miniaturization, making new, affordable application fields possible. And for the invention of a new lactation assistance device, Carag’s engineers have taken at detailed look at Nature in order to be able to provide even better advice to breast-feeding mothers and enable lactation research on more optimal breast pumps.

In September 2012, the expansion of the Carag business model took place. Whereas previously it had been mainly physicians that had availed themselves of the services of Carag, from now on med-tech companies and investors were able to profit from Carag's expertise.
New: Carag for developers: anyone who wants to advance its core technology as a developer or a start-up can now turn to Carag. Carag's skilled engineering knowledge based on a wealth of practical experience and considerable competence in dealing with the approval processes will be a valuable addition to the existing development teams.
New: Carag for venture capital companies: investors want to earn money and therefore have to be able to access promising developments at the right time. With its high-caliber team of experts, Carag helps to differentiate the “technical flops from the tops” to reduce risks and to increase the ROIs.