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Disposable fluid collection systems.

Medela's medical suction pumps are known and preferred because of their longevity, quiet operation, reliability and exceptional service. The disposable collection system provides an optimal addition to the suction pumps. The collection system offers maximum safety, simple handling and great efficiency.

Carag redesigned the disposable collection system completely; this included the secretion jar, disposable bag and the accessories. The aim was to optimize the manufacturing costs, safety and handling.
User safety was achieved with the implementation of a check valve (WO 2008/144951), and the handling was optimized so that the disposable bag could be exchanged using just one hand (WO 2007/085100).
Carag engineers managed the project through all stages of the development including acceptance tests in hospitals and the initial phase of a fully automated production line.
Carag also carried out design studies for the economical and safe disposal of the biohazard collection bags (WO 2008/098385).

The customer, Medela AG, Switzerland, is a global producer of technologically advanced breastpumps and medical vacuum technology.