Project example >> Device for lactation consultants and lactation research.

Medela supports mothers and consultants with a wide range of products related to breastfeeding. The company develops high-quality breastpumps for hospitals and personal use. Medela is renowned for excellence in evidence-based research, which has enabled it to develop the most advanced breastpump technology.

This measurement instrument, which was developed by Carag, is used to support the breast-feeding mother.
The device records various types of data during the pumping process and provides the opportunity to evaluate the data later. Thus, valuable information can be gained for the consultation on the basis of the current weight curve.
It is a known fact that the composition of the mother’s milk changes during the pumping period. This is taken into account by the device developed by Carag and permits a fractionation of the milk into different bottles. In addition to the standard models with 3 bottles, the device can also be fitted with 12 or 24 test tubes for research purposes.

Technical data:
_8-bit USB OTG controller (8 MHz)
_Graphics display
_Stepper motor for exact bottle positioning
_Weight measurement: 0 – 400 g (±0.1 g)
_Connections for external sensors (2 pct.)
_Internal power supply
_Graphically appealing software

The customer Medela AG, Switzerland is a global producer of technologically advanced breastpumps and medical vacuum technology.