Project example >> Artificial sphincter for the treatment of severe stress urinary incontinence.

MyoPowers is currently developing implantable medical devices for the treatment of severe stress urinary incontinence. The idea behind the device is an artificial sphincter which is placed around the urethra. Two cuffs are placed around the urethra to control the flow of urine by squeezing the urethra. To reduce the stress on the urethra the contraction of the cuffs alternates. The cuffs are actuated by a micro drive control unit that is powered by a subcutaneous battery. The patient can operate the device by means of a small remote control. The physician can adjust the device post-surgically with an advanced remote control according to the patient's individual needs.

Carag accompanied the initial phases of the project with its team of specialist as a flexible sparring partner. Brainstorming, feasibility studies and design reviews were some of the services provided. In addition, Carag supplied MyoPowers with components and prototypes from its own workshop.

MyoPowers Medical Technologies SA is a Swiss medical device company and is currently developing an innovative artificial urinary sphincter for severe stress urinary incontinence.